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About Us

Deadringer Jewelry Limited was launched in 2005 and combines the skills of Steve Gillespie and Mark Eston. We met many years ago at the tender ages of 17 and 21 respectively whilst serving our Jewelry Manufacturing apprenticeships, and between us have since amassed 60 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of all types of jewelry.

Creating the Deadringer range has allowed us to showcase unique products of the highest quality; from original designs and manufacturing techniques, too genuine personal customer service and innovative packaging.


As a tradesperson with a background in commercial jewelry, you may wonder how I ended up designing jewelry like this. Well, 22 years of filing my fingers to the bone making sweet little engagement rings for young couples ‘in love’, or rebuilding granny’s ancient family heirlooms to rigid traditional specifications, how could I not! As my creative spirit shrivelled away to a burnt husk of its former self, the skulls in my head grew in the dark till they could be contained no longer. So I had no choice. I have sweated blood to make them. They truly are a product of a tortured soul and there's more to come...


My long held love of the arts has resulted in much despair over the state of the jewelry industry. The very skilled and creative in our trade are so often caught up in the luxury world of fine jewelry that the fundamentals of design have been overlooked in pursuit of the almighty bling. Simply mounting beautiful gems in precious metals does not a jewel make. The traditional art world does not celebrate the intrinsic value of canvas, bronze or marble, rather the vision, the investment of time, the finesse of the artisan. In our own small way we aspire to redress the balance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are fortunate to have the skills of a great group of people available to us; from hand engravers, gem setters & traditional pearl stringers, to workshop & administration personal each with decades of experience in the jewelry trade. It is our combined efforts that allow us to imagine, design, create and present our jewelry to you the customer, without whom Deadringer Jewelry would not exist.

We truly appreciate the opportunity you afford us.

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