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Welcome to Deadringer, designers and fabricators of Celtica, Dragonware and fine quality Skull rings crafted to meet all your death ring needs.

Torc Our objective is to provide a distinctly packaged, premium quality product, unlike any other. All our jewelry is made to order, individually hand-finished & serial numbered on the seal found on all Deadringer Jewelry. No two pieces will be exactly the same, even though they originate from a master pattern. The process of manufacture requires each piece be worked on as an individual project, so consequently each will have its own characteristics.

Our Galleries provide images of our regular range along with many customized works. By definition, customizing is of a personal nature, limited only by your imagination, physical practicality... and bank balance, so please use our Custom Estimate Form to outline the features that are important to you and we will provide you with an estimate at our earliest opportunity.

Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to hearing from you. If you are a connoisseur of truly fine jewelry...

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