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Each piece in our range has been crafted from high quality precious metals, hand finished and serial numbered.

Please feel free to request any additional information, or should you desire alternative metal combinations.

Prices on each ring include sizing, packaging and hand to hand delivery.



After purchasing a magnificent black diamond of 5.5 carats we at Deadringer set about the task of designing a mount for this special stone. It was to be something along classical lines both gothic and romantic. It soon became obvious that this ring would require the manufacturing skills of a special craftsman.

Enter master jeweller Todd Barrell, an old friend and colleague with over 30yrs experience in the hand making of feminine gem set pieces. For the first time Deadringer would collaborate with a fellow craftsman.

As a result we are proud to present to you Ophelia, a skull ring made exclusively for her. Named after Hamlets tragic and rejected lover, this ring draws on the jewelry styles of an earlier age and visits upon them a Deadringer twist.

The original Ophelia is crafted as a one-off handmade solitaire in Platinum and 18kt yellow gold featuring the afore mentioned black Diamond as the centre stone with bright white Diamonds in the shoulders. This ring is as unique as it is spectacular. It has collaborative DR & TB hallmarks and is accompanied by an independent New Zealand Gemlab Valuation.


So pleased were we with the result that it has inspired us to produce a range of ‘Ophelia’ rings based on the one off Todd Barrell original. These rings are available in a variety of gemstones, precious metal alloys and finishes, and are individually serial numbered.


18k yellow Gold & Platinum set with a 5.5ct black Diamond and fine white Diamonds


View Ophelia-Valuation



Polished 10kt red Gold set with faceted 4.5ct Mozambique red Garnet and black Diamonds




Polished 10kt yellow Gold set with faceted 5.0ct blue Topaz and black Diamonds




Industrial finished Sterling silver set with faceted 4.5ct Mozambique red Garnet and black Diamonds




Polished Sterling silver set with faceted 5.0ct blue Topaz and black Diamonds



Why Ophelia?

Ophelia appears in Shakespeare's Hamlet. She is Hamlet's lover. She watches the development of his apparent madness, suffers his coldness and strange behavior as he rejects and humiliates her (part of his stratagem to make good his claim of insanity,) she is used by her father as a pawn towards manipulating Hamlet, and then finally, discovers that her beloved has violently murdered her father. In the face of this, Ophelia falls into (genuine) madness, and eventually drowns herself. Part of the tragedy of her character is not the manner of her death, but the incidental treatment it is given. She fades like the flowers for which she is so well known, and dies quietly offstage.

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