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I cannot adequately describe how amazing my ring is and how much pride I have in wearing such a fine piece of custom art.

After spending quite some time looking for a skull ring that didnít look like it belonged with a Halloween costume, I happened across the Deadringer website. When I saw the examples of the rings you produce I was floored by the detail and craftsmanship. I was also concerned also since you were located all the way in New Zealand and I was unsure about ordering from a company that far away.

I emailed Mark a few questions and he promptly answered each one in detail and with no pressure to purchase. When I finally did order, I wanted my Classic customized with my wife and childrenís initials incorporated into the ring. They did a brilliant job perfectly matching my written description with the ring they produced.

Mark provided me with continuous updates on the ring and sent photos of the raw cast. Mark was even kind enough to email my son several times regarding their shared passion for rugby and the All Blacks.

The ring took only four days to ship from New Zealand to Central Florida, something I didnít believe Mark when he told me, and I was able tracked it all the way from the shop to my front door.

I have received numerous compliments regarding the ring and even an offer to buy it from me-I promptly refused. I even had a few unsure looks from people who just donít get it and honestly that is at times more gratifying than the compliments!

If you are looking for a quality, hand crafted skull ring, look no further. Mark and the crew at Deadringer are top quality professionals who design and craft stunning rings and provide the best online customer service I have ever experienced.

My ring isnít just a piece of jewelry. It is a statement about who I am and how I see the world-and Deadringers captured it . My ring is a piece of art that I wear proudly and will one day hand down to my children.

Thank you so much!!

Rob - USA


Where do I start? I ordered the Chuckís customized classic with and eye patch ring for my boyfriend for his birthday. The whole experience with Deadringer was absolutely beyond my expectations. I spoke with Mark the entire time and he was just so helpful and PATIENT might I add!! He sent me updates and pictures of the ring, I felt like I was there watching the whole process. When ever I had a question or wanted to add something on, Mark was always there to answer my emails right away!! Heís great and so are all the other guys in Deadringer.

When the ring arrived it was beautiful but I made a mistake and ordered the wrong ring size (SORRY GUYS), I emailed Mark right away and he assured me that the ring size could be adjusted. Sent the ring back the next day and received it in less then two weeks. I donít know what they did but this ring came back looking even better!! The detail in this ring is just impeccable. I was speechless the ring was just so smooth and clean. Oh and not to mention the wooden container and the little screwdriver to open it up. Who comes up with that?! My boyfriend loves it; he canít live without it and always wants to wear it, he is already talking about buying another ring. You guys did an amazing job and we will definitely be coming back to order more rings! You guys rock!!

Tiffany - USA


The classic ring arrived today but we we're not at home when the postwoman came so we arrived home to a notice that I could pick it up tomorrow................

I wasn't having any of that so I took my husband with me on an adventure thru our neighborhoods looking for our mail carrier to retrieve the package, I lucked out and found her but since this was a surprise for my husband I had him sign for it and asked him to open it while I drove, as soon as he got to the plastic container I told him it was his birthday gift!

He was so excited opening it that he fumbled the little screwdriver probably 5 times onto the floor of the car before he was able to use it. He is absolutely in heaven with his new ring, now he has one for each hand! The photo partially shows a pair of boots he made with the Kaiser riding his finger the entire time, not only are your rings works of art they can endure riding the working fingers of a bootmaker/motorcycle engraver without showing any ill effects. The classic has already entered the workforce along with the Kaiser! Thanks so much

Juliet - USA


Custom Skull ring

The ring just came. It is fucking sick, way past my expectations and the coffin is gnarly . Thanks so much

Sean - USA


Custom Skull ring

Ring and stud arrived safely today. Thanks heaps, I'm ecstatic about the quality, not to mention the weight! Cheers also for the trouble you went to with the coffin mural. Will certainly be ordering again as soon as I am able.

Shaun - Australia


Hi Mark and Steve (and other Deadringer staff)

My Yorick Minima has arrived and I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am! What you have done is truly amazing and I'm so impressed with the detail, the sturdiness and weight, the smooth finish and comfort on the finger, and the gorgeous little wooden crate. I know this has all been said before but you deserve to hear it every time you craft such unique and personalised artworks.

Thank you so much for all the extra work with selecting and shaping the fire opal and carving that little eyeball. It looks exactly the way I'd hoped (better actually) with the opal just seeming to glow from within. You've really captured the spirit of a "down-but-not-out fighter with fire in the eye". My son was right when he said it reminds him of the the Terminator - the scene where Arnie resurrects himself with one damaged eye glowing and winking.

I'm attaching some photos as I thought Dr Gillespie might appreciate the skull collection. I've got quite an assemblage of animal skulls, found during the course of my bush care job and brought home for fauna identification. The large fanged one is an unknown, and unfortunate, dog; the rest comprise possums, birds, rats, bandicoots and so on. I regard them not as trophies, but a fascinating and respectful insight into the architecture of nature. I'm sure you get it.

Anyway, much respect for your skill, service and end product. Can't wait for my next purchase!

Kind regards

Clare - Australia.


The Kaiser and his evil army wanted to say hello from their new home in America.

I love the ring, the detail is amazing. People canít help but notice it every time I wear it. I end up having to give a little history lesson to at least one person about the difference between WW1 & WW2. It makes for great conversation.

Looking forward to my next purchase.

John Ė USA


Custom Skull ring

Just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who helped bring this ring to life. I received it about two weeks ago, been super busy since then and didn't get a chance to write until now, but it hasn't left my hand since it arrived (except to take this photo). Seeing it in person was thrilling, the craftsmanship is exquisite (as always), and the detail of the engraving is absolutely incredible and even better than I had hoped for. This is my second ring and certainly won't be my last. You guys have managed to exceed my expectations twice now, I think I'm officially hooked for life. Many thanks

Alison - USA


Custom Skull ring

I got my ring today, Nov 4th. I wanted to have it for a trip that I am going on Friday and I will be wearing it. I am very pleased with the ring. Iím getting a lot of comments all favorable after just having it a few hours. People (me included) really like the stones (topaz) and have been favorably commenting on them and the ring. Thanks again. I will likely order another soon.

George - USA


Custom Skull ring

Got my Yorick with cabochon onyx eyes together with a very nice casket. Many thanks, it really is pure art!!!!

Marc Ė Austria


Custom Skull ring

When I got my ring and my Mourning Beads, I was so f**king happy and impressed! The way my ring was made, the details on the skull is so Killer and perfect and beautiful! Also the packing is so cool the coffin with the Ektomorf logo burned in, its awesome !

The green stones in my skull ring eyes and all, the engraved Ektomorf logo and symbol and the words I wanted engraved are Killer!!! All my old rings used to lose the shape because when I play guitar the neck hits the ring. But My DR ring stays in shape!

I just got my jewelry right before a day we played Wacken Festival in Germany front of 75,000 people. I felt so great with my new Deadringer Jewelry on Stage , and you guys so great with service cause you send my jewelry to Denmark to the studio. Itís so awesome from you ! Thanx!!!

I feel very proud that Iím endorsed by DEAD RINGER JEWELRY! My Mourning Beads are never coming of my neck, and my DR custom ring is the ring of my life. This ring means a lot to me! Thank you so much!!!!


Custom Skull ring

I received my skull pendant about three weeks ago and it hasn't left my neck since! The detail is beautiful and precise, I couldn't have imagined any better. Thank you for all your hard work. The skull necklaces in the news letter are killer by the way!

Sophie - Australia


Custom Skull ring

Just a note to let you know I received my Imperial today... it is exquisite! Every ring I have received, this being my 3rd, has destroyed my expectations, thatís why I keep coming back. On another note Iím starting quite a collection of the coffin cases to... they are interesting on their own, I need to find a way to display them!

Thanks again cant wait for the next custom piece, not sure what I'm going to do when I run out of ideas for new DR pieces and fingers!?!



Custom Skull ring

This isnít the first custom piece of jewelry I have purchased, but it is the first that has met and exceeded my expectations!
I started talking to the guys about a "Day of the Dead" ring and gave them some perimeters.

What I received was the most stunning and beautiful piece of jewelry I have seen! I have already purchased an "Original Sinner" and the guys are already working on two other custom rings for me. In the end, nobody meets their standards...

Quentin -USA


Custom Skull ring

I got the ring today! It's nicer than I expected. Thanks for all the work you did, and the extra work you did in picking out the black opal. It turned out perfect! Oh, and nice touch throwing in the knit cap! I'm just north of Chicago, so we can wear hats like that almost year round- great advertising for you year round. Lol Actually, the best advertising is going to be the ring itself - Iíll be sure to direct people to your website when they ask about it.

Thanks again, and good luck in the future. You're putting out a really cool product.



Custom Skull ring

Just got my awesome ring EH! holys*#t its huge.
It was a year from design to finish product mostly because I had a silver budget on a gold design. Mark & the boys were patient and SHAMWOW I got the coolest ring they ever made EH!

Sky – Canada


Thanks for a beautiful ARTWORK, its even better looking in real life than on the pictures. Iím totally 110% satisfied with it, it fits great and feels good and solid around the finger, it wonít be the last ring Iím buying from u. Rock on, Thanks from Norway



Thanks so much for the fantastic ring!!! The design is unbelievably sturdy and I wear it every day. It's a real eye catcher and I've received many compliments on it. I want to thank you for your great customer service and the quality work that you stand behind. I'm truly impressed with everything you've done and continue to do, along with all you create. You've totally got it down, and Deadringer is the perfect culmination of artistry and endeavor. You've got a customer for life. Best regards and a toast to the New Year

Peto - USA


Thankyou so so much for this exquisitely beautiful ring! You are for sure the best skull ring makers in the world and the services matches up - I loved the 'personal touches' on the ring's coffin like the tiny screwdriver and bonus skull-and-crossbones pendant, as well as the friendly communication. When I finally unscrewed the little coffin and saw the stunning little skull-face all my (very high) expectations were surpassed! It is utterly perfect and beautiful and I am most certainly in love with it.

Thankyou again for this flawless work of art and exemplary service. I am incredibly impressed.

Phoebe Ė Western Australia


You made my wedding ring. Just wanted to say thank you... I have been very happy with it...and they caught me off guard.



Dear Deadringer Jewelry, we could not be happier - From the bulletproof packaging (ha ha) to the amazing tricked out coffin display. You guys have your art and commerce so perfectly streamlined. I truly hope others learn how to "Do it Right" by your example- From your customer service (with a refreshingly personal touch), constant updates and truly impeccable craftsmanship [which we have never seen in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter].

We are absolutely floored by how perfectly rendered our custom rings are, and you have made these two newlyweds extremely happy with our rock'n'roll wedding bands. Now everyone in Brooklyn wants one! So expect some new orders from our friends. You guys are truly accomplished artists, gentlemen, and ladies. We will never purchase jewelry from anywhere else- ever!!!

You have two ecstatic and very satisfied customers and friends for life! When the next big anniversary arrives, we plan on investing in more of your art! Lastly- I was briefly in medical school (until I realized that my music is my true calling, and I have been lucky to make a decent living from session work, tours as well as my own songwriting career) and you must have studied anatomy, because I could completely use these rings to explain the anatomical structure of a skull perfectly!
They are that accurate-wow!.

Thank you so very, very much for the rings and our skull charms (which we also adore!) We wish you the very best of luck and happiness for you and yours, now and over the coming holiday season! Your friends,

David and Susana - USA


Alright! You Blokes Rock! Got the Classic with the shadow finish and my personal "Dynamic Triad" logo, absolutely beautiful work, artistry, detail, fit, finish all first class, presentation, the logo box, it doesn't get much better than this......rest assured I will become a repeat customer.....many thanks...

Anthony -  USA


Dutch customs are slow. When the mail arrived is couldn’t wait to unpack the big envelope. And it was worth waiting. First the wooden container, a real surprise, excellent! But the ring, respect!!! It’s really superb. I’m astonished. I wear this ring with pride. Thanks for creating this masterpiece.

Jan-Peter -  The Netherlands


My wife Elizabeth "wizzie" purchased a shadow classic for me a couple months ago for my new wedding ring. I love the ring and had been drooling over them for some time. I can't say enough about how bad ass this ring is. I am including a picture I took of our new rings, you may use it if you wish...I just thought you might get a kick out of one of your rings being used as a Catholic's wedding band that's been blessed by a priest. Thank you for all your help.

Alan - USA


THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am, I cant remember the last time I was this excited! I just received my ring.... oh opening the box was amazing. And the custom burning on the box is sooooo cool! I mean the skeleton with the bottle of booze.... wow thank you so much for the suprise! I was amazed at the charm...the teeth and crossed bones are so incredible! Im gunna have to figure out what bones those are... can tell they are real! I knew when I saw the charm my ring would be even more amazing than I imagined AND IT IS! My classic minima fits like it was made for me.. because it was.. wow! You guys are amazing and Im happy to call you friends, because all the interactions have been just like Id have between friends. I know Im gunna order something from deadringer very soon, possibly a custom mans ring, like a signet ring or something similar in style to the ring you made for guilty customs. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH, I really am happy beyond words.

Adam - USA


For the third time in 3 years, you guys have truly outdone yourselves. My custom Deadringer with the crown is majestic and menacing at the same time. I opened the package this morning to find the tricked out box. The detail is amazing. This may sound strange, but it is feeling of euphoria that comes throughout my body. My wife and I were both speechless. The craftsmanship is superb. Once I twisted the four screws out and opened the lid, out peered my ring. I was literally speechless. My wife and I stared at it in amazement. Once in my hand, I couldnít stop looking at the detail in the crown and the Deadringer itself. The industrial finish is bad ass my friends. It fits perfectly on my left hand pointer finger. The words on this email are small in stature in comparison to the feelings I have for my rings.

I wish I could let the world know that if they want a piece of jewelry that they will not be able to take their eyes off, then they should come to DEADRINGER. You guys are the greatest. You answer emails quickly, provide updates, send pictures, and deliver on time. The product you produce is unreal. Who could ask for anything more?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for the amazing ring. I look forward to future custom pieces.

Mark - USA


I would like to thank you for the entire experience from my initial enquiries to delivery, you have been fantastic! I have taken delivery of the ultimate in Skull Rings, it is perfection! with an attention to detail that I have never witnessed in jewellery. Everything about the ring is perfect, the weight, detail and finish are amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend your business to anyone that is looking to purchase the best quality product and equally the best customer service. I am addicted! and already looking towards my next purchase, probably a customised "Speed Demon". Thank you for your excellent service.

Ivor - UK


Since you flew half way down the country to personally deliver my new skull ring I haven't stopped looking at it, and thats just the work of art coffin it came in.

The ring itself is one of those rare situations where our expectations were not just exceeded but completely demolished by the final reality. Itís an absolute artwork, and even though I already had the first ring you made me, this one has blown me away again. The detail is exquisite from the bejeweled crown to its hidden secrets, and the choice of the diamonds and fire opals was perfect.

But - as much as we love the ring, the whole experience that started so many months ago has been just as rewarding. I lost count of the emails and phone chats, and throughout the whole process I always felt I was collaborating with friends rather working with a jeweler. I'm sure we will have many more projects together.

Thanks so much, the ring will be enjoyed by many many generations in the future.

Helen & Michael - NZ


Ok, so I think I am too old to say it but OMG!!! The ring arrived today - it is BEAUTIFUL and the box is AWESOME! You totally nailed it. I am not sure which I like better - and it fits perfect.

We are so happy with it, I had to run over to Gary's work to show him.

I can't thank you enough for all of your expedited help and communication with his ring - doing business with you was a great experience.

We have told several people about you so hopefully you will get some business out of it.

I showed a friend of mine here at work and the ball and chain thing - it's too funny he actually has one that he is going to let us borrow for the wedding for when we take pictures by our Hot Rod Truck. I would have never thought of that with out your creativity on the coffin.

Again thanks so much - you are helping to make our wedding day even more special.

Lori - USA


Mark, wanted to let you know that I received the rings last week. They look incredible!!!! Thank you so much for the great work. Steve, thank you for awesome craftsmanship on the Tribal!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to more business in the future. Thank you again SO much!!!

Glenn - USA


I just received my custom Deadringer with blue Topaz eyes. I am speechless. It totally exceeded my expectations. I am a collector of tattoos and art and let me share some advice to those thinking about acquiring a Deadringer. I found out with tattoos as well as with fine art you never concern yourself with the price. Always and I mean always consider the artist first because if you are concerned with price first you will never acquire what you truly want. You go with the lesser price on a tattoo guess what? You will more than likely regret it for the rest of your life because you will have something that you are not completely satisfied with. The artists at Deadringer are truly that "Artists". I now have a piece of art that I will treasure the rest of my life. Thank you Mark and staff for creating something truly special to me. Kind Regards



My family & I got home late last night & what should be waiting for me but my Deadringer babies! The rings are totally awesome! I LOOOOVE them! The Look. The Feel. The Workmanship. The Professional Service. The Love - Thanks Deadringer! You're absolutely one of a kind! I'm 110% totally satisfied. Ooh, my family & friends love (are envious of) them too! Cheers

Keri Ė New Zealand


Thank you for what appears to be the most amazing piece of jewelry I've ever seen.

I knew from photos that it will be extraordinary but seeing it in person scaled down to a ring size is simply breathtaking.

You've done an incredible job, all the quality, the details, the coffin and everything. I have even written a short verse devoted to it:

Your fangs are in my heart
My blood is in your eyes
You're such a piece of art
Our love It never dies

Svetoslav - Bulgaria


Absolutely magnificent! The artistry and attention to detail is beyond my expectations. I enjoyed opening the coffin! Very cool! The photographs of your work, as good as they are, didn't relate to me the fineness of your work. To see the ring in my hands is a real treat. Big plus is that the ring is really very comfortable! Thanks again and best wishes to you in the future.

Christopher H - USA


I just wanted to take the time to tell you how awesome the ring is....I came home from a long day the other day and I was so tired, I wasn't even going to open up the package...I sat there and slowly opened the box and when I saw the little screwdriver and the exquisite little box, a smile crept across my face...you brought back a feeling that can only be described as "a kid on Christmas morning"....I felt like I was 6 years old again as I removed each little screw....I read the little note and then pulled back the straw...the ring is simply exceptional....I find myself staring at my fist throughout the day...the craftsmanship is superb...every aspect of this purchase - the email communication, the shipping, the packaging and presentation, and the effort that was put into the ring gets an A+....I just wanted to say thank you...I'll be ordering from you again without a doubt....



Holy shit!!  You guys are amazing.  First, thank you so much for the Deadringer beanie.  That will be worn often.  Secondly, the coffin.  I cannot believe how bad ass it is.  I stared at it and looked at all the fine detail for 15 minutes before I opened it to find another true piece of art.  I just want to let you know how much I am amazed by the work and craftsmanship you produce. 

Everything that I requested, you did.  It is hard for me to put in words how grateful I am to have found you guys online.  The wood burned coffin with the speed demon and flames is totally f**king unreal.  Pardon my language, but I am truly amazed. 

I cannot believe the amount of detail that is in Speed Demon ring. The extra demons are so f**king killer.  I am definitely going to be ordering more.  My wife and I have our 3rd wedding anniversary coming up and she wants to get me another ring from your place.  Again, I am so thrilled by everything that you both have done and given me.  You guys rock over there in New Zealand.

Mark - USA†


My father loves his new shadow classic and hasn't taken it off since he got it. He really likes how the black matte has rubbed off in certain areas to look like shadows. Thanks for your quick communication and your amazing craftsmanship.

You and your company are truly amazing! Expect to be seeing return business when I decide the design of my own. Thanks again 

Billy - USA


However one may happen upon this website – look no further!  Take it from someone who has spent countless hours scouring the internet for “all things Skull” – Do you want a mass-produced item that will assure your rank within the ordinary? – you’re in the wrong place. 

Perhaps something you can boast that was handcrafted in New Zealand specifically for you??
- Quality
- Communication
- Service
- Delivery  

Take it from someone who has just taken delivery of his 3rd acquisition - It gets no better than right here!  If you’ve been here before – you know what I’m talking about.  If this is your first time – you’ll be back!! 

Marcus - USA


I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how satisfied and excited I am with my Kaiser Royal. I was really looking forward to receiving it, but I honestly underestimated the overall experience. When I opened up the Fed-Ex package and got to the coffin with the custom design on the lid I was VERY impressed. After removing the screws from the lid I found the prize inside. This ring is absolutely STUNNING in its detail and the custom engraving is IMMACULATE. I hate to say this, but I will rarely wear this ring due to the artistry and talent that it showcases. Your work is exceptional to say the least. I will continue to be a repeat customer for many years to come. Many thanks again for this fine work of art and the attention to detail that is truly unparalleled anywhere in the world. With kindest regards

Mark H - Virginia†USA


I received my ring yesterday morning and I haven't taken it off since. There's no exclamation I can make that can do my custom "Watchmen" Yorick ring justice after seeing it in person. Even my girlfriend couldn't stop staring at it once I put it on! Absolutely stunning work and I'm BEYOND pleased with it. The level of detail on display in the ring is exquisite :) I live and work in New York City and the amount of people who have inquired about the ring in only ONE day has been incredible! I'm sending them all your way!

Michael - USA


I am mesmerized by my new ring.  Each time I wear it I discover a different detail which intrigues me.  I examined the furrowed brow on the Horned God this afternoon.  The imaginative craftsmanship seems to add to the physical weight of the entire piece.  I enjoy the way the ring feels and looks on my finger. Wearing my ring is a pleasure.  I catch myself absently twisting the Horned God between my knuckles or tapping it on glass.  I think Carrie may be a bit annoyed at my game of running my ring over the lip of my ceramic coffee cup in the evening. The inscriptions make the Horned God and coffin my own.  Both the motto on the coffin lid and the message in the ring have sparked a few conversations.  I will never forget what I went through or how happy I was to be re-united with the love of my life.  

Thank you for my ring.  I have already enthusiastically recommended you to an admirer of my Horned God.  I own a piece of jewelry which I am proud to wear.  I wish you the best in health, family, and business. Respectfully

Tom - USA


I received the ring today and it is perfect, I really like it.  Wow, you are a true artist and craftsman.  Thanks for the detail on the coffin as well that was really a nice touch.  I hope when I wear it I can drum up some more business for you.  Again thank you and I'm sure I'll purchase from you again.  Take care!

Bob - USMC


Today I received the package and I must say I was really excited. I opened the package and in it was the casket. I have steady hands believe me but now it was different. I was really impressed so far how the casket was looking and the hat (thanks). When I finally opened it and had the ring in my hands it was the most beautiful jewelry I have ever seen in my life. The craftsmanship it is unbelievable. Man this thing is one of my most precious possessions in my life. 

Thanks both of you, the communications was excellent and everything is just super. For further info the ring is the mark of the Dark Lord Bhaal Lord of Murder. 

Again my sincere thanks I love you guys. It is as a dream came true. In the future if I need jewelry again I know who to contact.

Dennis - Netherlands


I was away on a holiday and just returned home late last night. Today I get to the office to find my FedEx package containing my new Yorick sitting on my desk... all of a sudden coming back to work doesn't seem so bad... All I can say is a big f***in' thank you. It's even cooler than the pictures on the website. I'm absolutely stoked with this ring and will be saving to buy myself another one for my birthday next year! Keep up the good work, I'm glad you're out there doing what you're doing. I'm a big fan of all skull jewelry, and nobody in the industry even comes close to your work. Cheers

Paddy - Canada


Just got home and opened the coffin (very cool) to find the most incredible pendant I have ever seen. Once again you have outdone yourselves, even though I didn't think it was possible. Thank you yet again for providing me with a truly unique and incredible piece of jewelry, simply awesome. Sincerely,

Aaron - Canada


I just wanted to thank you both for the awesome custom you created for me. I have had many complements on it and it is one of the most comfortable rings I've ever owned. Thanks for the hat as well. Here's a pic of Yorick guarding my 45.

Gene - USA


Today is the day. A tiny coffin arrived at my door, delivered by the always friendly Fed-X guy. Never have I been so excited to open such a cool box, and when I did....there it was! My bone-head!! At the risk of sounding repetitive, it IS a work of art and the best skull ring I have EVER seen!
My Classic is grinning at the computer as I write this! I can't wait to order a pendant!! Thanks you guys, for being so professional, communicative, and true artists!

Nancy-Jean USA


The necklace came amazingly quick considering I live at the other side of the world. Brilliant craftmanship, cool wooden box it came in with a wee screw driver. Cheers.

Danny – Scotland


I knew from the photos on your website that the details were going to be good, but nothing beats actually having the ring and seeing the detail for myself. I am a huge Shakespeare fan and Hamlet is one of my favorite works, so wearing a Yorick ring is my idea of perfect. You guys at Deadringer truly high class jewelry designers!!!! Thank you for being so patient and answering all my questions and keeping me informed. I was greatly impressed that you even went to the trouble of calling me when emails were not getting through. That is just exemplary customer service that is super hard to beat. I'll recommend you guys every chance I get!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

Debra - USA


DAMN, MAN!....this thing is Bitch'n! I spent some time over a brite lite looking at every nook & cranny of this ring. You're right about it being more of a 'piece of art, than jewelry'. I really like that this ring is thicker around the band & slightly heavier...giving it a more 'solid as a rock' feel. The deep eye sockets seem to give it a 3 dimensional appearance. I'm amazed at how intricate the hand crafted artwork is on the inner sleeve. I really 'dig' the finish. Great visual on the coffin box, I wonder why I thought of my arm when I first seen it. THANK YOU... Mark, Steve, Paul.

Chuck - USA


Got my ring in just three days all the way from New Zealand. What a Masterpiece, the gold just sets it off. Sent you a picture of Me the dog Kelly and the Kaiser I'm a photographer and thats just my little point and shoot, its 29 and snowing but it is to be 50 on Monday still wont' be able to ride. Outstanding Craftsmanship.

Chaz - USA


Dear Mark and Steve, when I received my all diamond paveí Classic skull ring I was so impressed. I buy lots of jewelry and only settle for the best. Actually before I found yaíll I had a diamond skull ring made but I wouldnít take delivery of it because it wasnít absolutely perfect. Yours on the other hand is more than jewelry, its art. The worst thing about my ring is that when I wear it ďout on the townĒ thatís all people talk about is my ring. Itís a real attention getter! Thank you again, you all are honest and trustworthy and thatís hard to find in this day and time.


If someone wants a skull ring or anything of that nature then stop shopping because you need to look no further. These guys are the best of the best. Canít wait for yaíll to get started on my all diamond and ruby Devil!


Jimmy - USA


Hey Guys. Just got my custom rings today and I'm totally blown away with the details that are on the Predator helmet ring piece. I gave you'se a few pictures and some ideas on how I would like it and I had my doubts that it could be pulled off but I can proudly say I was proven wrong. GOD himself could not have done a better job on this ring, Deadringers has never failed me on any of the pieces I have ever ordered custom from the skull rings to the torc. I'm speechless and shocked on the details and craftsmanship that is put into each piece of jewelry. Thanks for everything.


Chris – Western Australia


I'm WOW, speechless. You have outdone yourselves. Truly amazing you guys straight up kick ass!!!! We got a shit load of jaw dropping compliments on the ring from people around the world. It's so f***in amazing the feeling you get to see someone so jealous of a custom piece like this knowing it's one of a kind. Everywhere I go it's like the biggest conversational piece. Completely and totally shocked and impressed with what you did for me on my coffin. The skull and banner was insane and then to top it all off with the skull actually holding a tattoo machine.


Thanx again for everything and I definitely will be doing more business with you.


Eric - USA


Thank you for the rings they’re fantastic, and an absolute first class service as for the personal touches on the coffin box that's a really nice touch. In fact I've put the box on display in the china cabinet so friends can admire that as well. I look forward to putting another order in with you again soon and will happily recommend you to others. Thanks again.


Ian - England


I'I just opened the box…the skull is beautiful beyond words! It looked right at me with those beautiful blue eyes right up out of the straw. Steve, you have created a magnificent pendant and it was worth every minute of anticipation. You have fulfilled a dream for me for I have seen this skull in my head many times, which is what started my quest months ago.


I'm thankful not to have settled for anything else I saw, that I found you. Thank you both.


Susan - USA


I'm totally blown away..........being a Chiropractor, I'm qualified to say that this ring is the most anatomically correct of all the rings out there. It's in a class by itself. From the occular orbits to the mandible, to the sutures. Shit, even the neural foramina are there!




Roger - USA


We LOVE the rings. They arrived on Friday and in very cool box. Honestly, we could not be happier and I cannot wait to have that ring on my finger. We will be getting married in March down in Louisiana and can't wait to show everyone our rings.


We will surely recommend your services to all our friends. Job Well Done!


Erin & King - USA


The Vampire Skull ring arrived today. It's fantastic, more than I expected, and I expected a lot! It really shows what great artisans you guy's are. Your pieces make all the other production crap I was wearing look just that, cheap crap! I love the extra effort with the little coffin, certificate and screwdriver!


I'm very happy and it was well worth the wait. You can be very proud of the unique products and service you provide. Thank you all.


Rod - Australia


I just took possession of the ring... You guys are SICK!!! This thing is HUGE. I was like a kid at Christmas at the FedEx facility. I unwrapped the ring and put it on while still there and have been wearing it since. You guys really do great work. The craftsmanship is stunning. Thanks for all your help, you guys are outstanding.


Mark - USA


What can I say....WOW!!! Thank you for having the ring mailed to me so quickly. I must say the pictures you have on the website are appealing but do no justice compared to having one in your hand. These are definitely the best rings money can buy. There is nothing else on the market that compares. The ring fits perfectly and with the significant weight it has you definitely know you are wearing it. I love


the way the black diamond sparkles in the right angle of light....it looks alive.
Thank you for the hard work and attention to great detail, it shows. I will be proudly wearing this for many years to come. I will definitely do business with you again and will always mention you guys to anyone I know looking for a bad ass ring. Thank you for all your quick email responses. I can't thank you enough for everything.


Chuck - USA


All I can say is magnificent, a real work of art. The sheer weight of it gives it a manly feel of how a ring should feel like let alone how it looks. The ring is more than what I expected, best money I ever spent. I thank you and your staff very much and will wear it proudly. I can't wait to order my next ring from you.


David - USA


I received the package! AWESOME! WOW!
You guys kicked Ass! From opening the box to putting it on my finger I was loving it! OUT F***ING STANDING!
Steve My Personal Thanks on a job well done, Superb craftsmanship! What a work of Art! God Bless and Semper Fidelis!


Huchi - USMC


Just got the ring, it fits like a glove. The industrial look is awesome and I love the extra flames. Steve you are a master at your talent. You guys are definitely true business men and great artists. I have told everyone I know and people I don't about your business and quality of work. Saving my money so I can purchase the Celtic cross.....got to represent the Irish side. Thanks again...extremely satisfied customer.


Jeff - USA


You are an outstanding artist.  The workmanship is wonderfull!! You are one of the best internet dealers with whom I have ever had the opportunity to work.  From the very beginning, you answered all my initial questions quickly and any time I had an additional question, you responded in a very short time.  That is a sign of a true professional! I NEVER needed to worry about what was going on. I look forward to working with you in the future.


Rich - USA


The Torc

What can I say about the work and detail put into this that you haven't heard a million times. The Torc is a work of f**cking art. I'm just shocked and speechless at the craftmanship of it, it just looks insane and love the look of the dog heads. Cheers for everything you'se have done. Hoping to do alot more business with you.


Chris - Australia


Classic Skull rings

The Classic arrived a few days ago and I love it! You guys did a fantastic job. Your attention to detail is impressive and the ring is perfect. I will always treasure this work of art. I want to thank you guys for patiently answering all my questions, sending photos, and then getting the ring to me so quickly. It was a real pleasure doing business with you.


Julian- USA


Custom Speed Demon Skull rings

I guess all I can say is WOW! From the start our transaction was handled like it was the only thing you had going on. We sent numerous emails and all were replied to almost instantly, despite the fact that you guys are on the other side of the planet. Our work was a very custom piece as you are aware and it came out spectacular.


From the bullet proof shipping container to the custom coffin to the jewel inside it is very apparent that you guys love your work. Excellent work guys! I have received complement's on it every time I have worn it. Customers for life!


Ed & Cristina USA


Classic Skull rings

The masterpiece arrived in Switzerland. You guys are perfect.

Every detail from the initial email contact to the signed fragrant wooden packing (including the screwdriver) and last but not least the certified fantastic work of art that makes the heart of an old man and biker beat.


It is a touch of class in your business which can not be topped and which shows that you love your work. Many, many thanks.I am really impressed.


Doc - Switzerland


Vampire skull ring


I'm speechless, the ring is the most amazing piece I've ever seen!

I will wear it proudly and bikers and goths across the land will glare in envy!


From the custom coffin with my name burned into the top to the 18k plate inside between the eyes, again with my name ! You guys are First Class!


Mike - USA


Classics Skull rings

Perfect - just perfect! Quality and Workmanship of a true craftsman - delivery and professionalism of people who keep their word, in this day and age, what a treat.
Thank You!!!!


-I'll treasure these pieces for the rest of my life. What a pleasure to do business with someone of such high standards, and cordiality.


Glenn - Canada


Shadow Classic Skull ring

I was impressed with the "shipping crate" with a screw driver... you think of everything.

All the while I was removing the screws from the crate, I almost expected the Tasmanian Devil to come flying out of there. Then I find this cool certificate and then... the coolest most awesome skull ring that I have ever seen.


I have to tell you that I am highly impressed with your workmanship, and this ring is heavy, sooo heavy!!

I'll be showing this ring off to my friends at a bike rally. I'm sure that you'll get some inquiries if not some orders for your magnificent rings. Thanks again!!


Bill USAREUR - Germany


Sinner Skull ring

I just want you to know that every jewler and biker that I show my ring to rave and are lost in the beauty and detail of my Sinner ring.

I catch myself staring at throught the day and marveling at its majesty.


You guys are really at the top of your game. It is the perfect acooderment to the 50,000 dollar piece of ass jewlery I ride around on every day!

Thanks a million, and I will be ordering another piece of your artwork real soon!


Jeff - USA


Shadow Classic Skull ring

My husband is a skull ring collector. I ordered your ring as a surprise for him because he kept putting it up on line and drooling over it.

We received the Shadow Classic and he couldn't be happier - he calls it the gold standard of skull rings (and he's got some gorgeous pieces).


Great craftsmanship, great service, great follow up, fabulous packaging! I will be ordering from you again!


Nadia- USA


Sinner skull ring

That's about all I can say. Thank you for the most stunning piece of jewelry that I have ever seen or owned.
You guys are absolutely incredible and are the most professional and hassle free guys that I have ever dealt with. Thank you once again.

Aaron - Canada


Shadow Classic skull ring

This is an entirely different level of artistry in jewelry making. The pictures don't do it justice. They show the design, but they don't show the incredible quality of workmanship, the detail. They don't show the love and brilliance that went into this thing.


This ring is stunning, simply stunning. I showed it to a couple of amateur jewelers I know and the work impressed the hell out of them. I look at this ring on my hand and I can't stop staring at it; it's that good. Mark, Steve, thank you. Steve you're really, truly an artist.


Karl Elvis - USA


18k classic skull ring

Wow!!!! What an amazing piece of art!!! The presentation is awesome as well. Doug will get it on Christmas day and we will definitely let you know his reaction!!! Thanks for getting it to us in such a timely manner.


Kara was so excited about my gift that she could not wait until Christmas to give it to me! I can understand why - it truly is an amazing piece of jewelry! You guys do awesome work. Thank you very much and thank you for the fantastic customer service. I would not hesitate to order from you again and would highly recommend you to anyone in the market for the best skull rings money can buy.


Kara & Doug P - USA


Deadringer skull ring

I received my skull ring this morning, I am completely satisfied. A fine example of unique craftsmanship. I truly appreciate your work and will wear it proudly. The fit is just right. I am a traditional old school biker pushing 50, born from another time and your craftsmanship reflects exactly that.


Really fine skull rings are hard to find, you guys hit the mark. Keep your face to the wind. Thank you for the fine product and more than fine treatment.


Phil D - USA


Classic Skull ring

Stand-up work gentlemen, I wish all my business dealings were this good. Now I have to put it back in the box and under the tree until Christmas! Thanks for taking care of us. I appreciate businessmen with integrity.




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